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Safety Tips

Keys points to remember for your safety

The following are useful tips you can utilize to help reduce the chances of you being carjacked. We will also provide a set of actions that will help you raise an alarm and at the same time increase the chances of safe release in the event of being carjacked.

  • Most car jackings happen between 6.00am and 7.30am and between 6.00pm and 9.30pm. They occurences usually peak at month ends.
  • Car jackers are very sophisticated. They watch your movements for sometime before they strike.
  • Some car jackers work for syndicates and are only interested in particular cars. It is therefore important that you are aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Closely watch the people you meet at parties or social places. They could be marking you out.
  • Take your time when leaving places. Stay in your car for sometime before driving off. Take note of any strangers hanging around the parking lot.
  • When driving, always make sure some unusual turns or change your regular route once you notice you are being followed. If follwed, increase speed, slow down, drive twice or thrice over a woundabout etc. this could them off balance once they know you have noticed you are being followed and they will give up.
  • Remember that suprise, indecision and fear are what they thrive on. Avoid going home if you establish you are being follwed. Watch out for security vehicles usually stationed along various stops on the road and park next to them.
  • IF YOU ARE CARJACKED - the first 10 seconds will determine your fate. If there is a gun pointed at you, put your arms in the air. There should be no sudden movement as this may ne interpreted to mean that you are picking a gun or trying to put up resistance.
  • Do not drive when drunk because you could easily make the wrong move or say something that could annoy carjackers.
  • If you go out to party with friends and family, pool together and leave in a convoy. Know how many cars are in your group. Agree on what spots to wait each other along the way, that way it will be easy to identify any strange car.
  • CARS THAT ATTRACT ATTENTION - white is the most favorite color of carjacker, though it usually depends on the king of the car they are targeting; especially for sale. Registration marks or stripes on the sides are also deterrents.
  • Never leave a key in or on the vehicle. Close all windows and lock all doors.
  • When at home, keep your vehicle in your compound.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.